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Acquiring your plugin

Once you’ve bought WP Age through the freemius checkout, you shall receive an email that will include your plugin download, license key, your account details, support details & your billing details.

You can click the download link in the email to download the plugin, alternatively your can login into your Freemius account and download it.

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Installing the plugin

Once you’ve downloaded the plugin, you will need to install the plugin on your WordPress website, where you want to display auto-updating ages.

So head to your website admin area which is usually something like once you have logged in to your admin area, you are going to look for the plugin menu option in the WordPress admin menu on the left of your screen.

Once you are on the plugin screen, look at the top of the screen for a button that says add “new plugin”, once you’ve spotted the button click on it.

On the next screen in the same place where the “new plugin” button, the button will now say “upload plugin” you are going to click this button.

Below the button, a box will open that has an option to select a file from your computer, once you’ve selected the downloaded zip file, you can click on the button that says “install plugin”.

Once the plugin has been installed, the next screen will ask if you want to activate the plugin, click the blue activate plugin button.

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Using WP Age plugin

¬†To start creating auto-updating ages, you will look in the WordPress admin menu for the “tools” menu item, as you hover over it, you will see a sub-menu item called “WP Age”, click on it.

On the next screen, you will see a familiar WordPress post screen, at the top of the page there is a button that says “add new”, click on this button.

Post the new post creation screen opens, you will need to give it a title for the age (so that you can keep track of who/what age it is), secondly, you will need to select the start/birthdate so that code can get the accurate age.

Once you’ve done these steps, you can publish your first age.

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Using the shortcode

Once you’ve published an age, under the tools menu > WP Age you will be to find all of your created age shortcodes.

On the far right of each age, you will see a shortcode column, select the age shortcode that you want, highlight it and copy it.

Once you’ve copied it head to the page or post that you want to output the age in and paste it in your text where you want to display, save your page or post.

Congratulation you will never need to update that pesky age’s ever again.

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